NICEIC 18th Edition Regulations & Periodic Testing Requirements

NICEIC 18th Edition Regulations
The NICEIC 18th Edition Requirements published in July 2018 which have come into effect since 1st January 2019.
We are fully conversant with the requirements of the 18th Edition of the NICEIC Wiring Regulations. All of our installations are fully compliant and we are able to issue Certificates of Compliance to the NICEIC Wiring Regulations, 18th Edition.

Significance of the NICEIC 18th Edition Regulations
All commercial, domestic and industrial wiring installations must now be designed, constructed, inspected, tested and certificated to meet the requirements of BS 7671: 2018. The Wiring Regulations are continuously updated to reflect technological developments and safety requirements. This latest update includes new requirements for protection against electrical shock.

NICEIC Testing & Inspection
All electrical systems deteriorate with age and use and all electrical systems should be tested on a scheduled basis to ensure compliance with BS 7671: 2018. Insurance Companies often require certification of this testing regime.

Electrical Installation Condition Report
The electrical systems of all property is subject to the requirement for Periodic Testing.

Domestic Installation Condition Report
Domestic property should be tested every 10 years and at change of occupancy.

Electrical Installation Condition Report - Industrial Property
Electrical installations in industrial property should be tested every 3 years.

Electrical Installation Condition Report - Commercial Property
The electrical systems of offices, shops, and laboratories should be tested every 5 years.

Electrical Installation Condition Report - General
Hospitals, churches, restaurants and pubs should be tested a 5 year intervals. Leisure complexes, theatres and agricultural premises are tested at 3 years intervals.
Caravan parks, marinas, petrol stations and launderettes are tested annually.

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